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Pastor: Carol Vaccariello

**The August Gathering

has been postponed

due to unforeseen circumstances.



EXPERIENCE is the first stone in the

Western Spirit Path - guided by

Spirit Keeper of the West, Mudjekeewis

Native peoples of the Northwest Coast and Alaska honor WHALE as an important gift for sustenance, and as a messenger from Creator. When you are working on bringing your Experience into harmony with the environment, and searching for ancient knowledge on how to do so, seek the Experience Stone of the Medicine Wheel, smudge, sit down, and ask Spirit of Whale to help you with this important step on your Path. 

OLIVE TREES in general are among the oldest found on Mother Earth, and thus have experienced millenia of history.  Working with Olive tree opens you to beneficial experiences on the spiritual plane.  Communicating with Olive Tree can help you to experience the past and understand it. This Tree can also help us learn the value of just being, as well as patience, due to its great antiquity. 

HEMATITE is a recorder Stone. It holds the memory of what has occurred in its surroundings. It will record and hold whatever experiences you have when it is with you; and can also record whatever you ask it to remember for you. Hematite is also a good grounding Stone and can help you to develop fortitude and resist stress.  Hematite is often overused by people who mean well. This is a heavy and a very powerful Stone. You do not need to continually wear a whole necklace of it to experience the benefits or stay grounded. One good Stone that you feel an affinity for is all that is needed. 

Using the STEEL GREY color helps in comprehending and dealing with your experiences, putting them in perspective, understanding the purpose, and working through your experiences in an honorable manner. 

While we study other stones in the Wheel

Remember the place where we currently live

We are now in the time of Cornplanting.


(July 23 - August 22)

The Ripe Berries Moon is the 

Second Moon of Shawnodese

 Spirit Keeper of the South.

Mineral  totem - IRON and GARNET

Plant totem – RASPBERRY

Animal totem – STURGEON

Color - RED

Elemental Clan Influence - THUNDERBIRD CLAN (fire)


IRON teaches people about their strength and GARNET shows them their heart is the source of that strength.  From the RASPBERRY, learn about your own sweetness and the thorns you project to protect this part of yourself from other people. The STURGEON shows you your depth and the need to teach.  The RIPE BERRIES Moon teaches how to work from the heart-center, how to demonstrate affection, how to face fears, and how to develop leadership abilities. This Moon helps develop courage and power, but also to guard against impulsiveness, arrogance, and a tendency to dominate any scenario.

--Sun Bear and Wabun Wind, Dancing With the Wheel

An ancient form of ceremonial circle
An outward expression of our internal dialogue with the Creator (God)
Travel with us on this sacred path of teaching, meditation, prayer, healing, and celebration!


T.H.E. Wheel at HeartSpace Community is not associated with any one Indiginous tribe but is based on the visions of the late Sun Bear, Medicine Chief of the Bear Tribe.
   "I feel that I can only follow the rainbow path and the red road of life, and accept all people as human beings wherever they maybe, or whatever color of skin they may wear.  I pray that others may come to the path of unity that will allow us to overcome the enemy of separation that is now trying to destroy all of the earth.  
I have spoken.  --Sun Bear"
At T.H.E. Wheel Gatherings you will learn about this transformational circle of life, its history and its place in your life.  Come experience all the Creator has to teach us in nature as we gather around T.H.E. Wheel.

<---Click link(s) to view or purchase this book which we reference throughout our Medicine Wheel Gatherings: 

Dancing With the Wheel