The Poetry of Sacred Experience

Join us for a special concert on Friday, August 24th

from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at HeartSpace!

Then, for a workshop on Saturday morning, August 25th

 from 10:00am to 3:00pm

How to Honor the Poetry of Sacred Experience 

There is a parable about 3 rabbis who had the mystical experience of Paradise. The first never came back. The second went mad and tried to chop down the tree of life to bring it back. The third, on returning, sat down and wrote poetry to integrate and share the experience. Join Seamus, Chris and Carol as they invite you to the path of the third rabbi who integrated the experience by giving creative voice to mystical experience. 

This workshop teaches how to create a shared space that honors sacred aka 'numinous' experience, storytelling, originality, creativity and prayer.

*For the Saturday morning workshop, please bring a brown bag lunch, drinks will be provided (water, tea, etc.).  Suggested donation for event: $10-$20 - but no one will be turned away.

James Lafferty was born of Irish ancestry in Glasgow, Scotland and came to Ontario, Canada in 1967. He did his post-graduate studies at McMaster University, Hamilton and, thereafter, became a high school teacher in Guelph. He retired from teaching in 2009 to allow more time for his writing.  James has published his work through several media: Seeking the Stones is available as a CD. A Celtic Blessing is available both as a book and a CD. His most recent publication is his longest poem to date, As Long As The Sun Dances, which tells of the plight of North American natives with parallels drawn from Irish and Scottish history. James is presently working on a book detailing his month long  journey on the Camino de Santiago.

Christopher Reynolds is a singer-songwriter, author, educator and shamanic healer.  His mission is to sing the dream of Earth onward through songs, writings, ritual, healing concerts and workshops. His ability to build connecting bridges of inclusivity is through his intentional ties with the Lakota and multiple cultures.

His website is:

Carol Vaccariello, DMin, LPC, Obl. follows a Braided Way. Ordained United Church of Christ minister, Independent Catholic Bishop and Creation Spirituality Elder. Founding Bishop of Ordo Hagia Sophia(Order of Holy Wisdom). Carol, a ritual artist, produced/directed Cosmic Masses; Co-directed the DMin program (University of Creation Spirituality); mentored the design of the first Creation Spirituality ordination program. Member of Creation Spirituality Communities. Carol is an inspirational speaker, storyteller, sacred chant channeller, healer, spiritual coach, retreat facilitator, Zen Still Point practitioner and plant whisperer.