Medicine Wheel Gathering - INFORMATION





Hi Everyone,


The MW Gatherings are the first Sunday of the month at 3:00pm.

So that you will have some idea of what to expect during regular Gatherings, here is a basic outline of the afternoon.

89 Hartford Drive, Medina, OH  44256 * 330-242-3811 * Pastor: Carol Vaccariello

Here is a very loose organization of the time that we have together:

  • 3:00pm    Open the Circle with Smudging and Calling the Directions.

  • 3:10pm     Singing and drumming

  • 3:15pm     Activity

  • 3:45pm    The Person(s) sharing the lesson based on the Medicine Wheel Reference Chart is also encouraged to share personal stories .

  • 4:05pm    Riding on the Drum – Guided Meditation

  • 4:25pm    Sharing Gifts of Meditation

  • 4:35pm    Singing and drumming

  • 4:40pm    Closing the Circle

  • 4:45pm    Clean up and Conversation









The resource book we reference is “Dancing With the Wheel”. You can get at the library or at Amazon – used or new.  It is a Sun Bear Book authored by Sun Bear, Wabun Wind, and Crysalis Mulligan.  This would be your primary source of information.  You can also do further research.  It is amazing to me, some of the information that folks discover about each of the animals, plants, minerals, colors of each of the positions on the Wheel and the creative ways that have of sharing the material. 


For each Gathering you are encouraged to bring a Stone or some personal object to place in the Wheel.  Taking this object home with you, carrying the good energy of our prayers and ritual. You can bring it with you each time that you come.


If you have a drum, rattle, or other instrument, bring it along for our times of music making together.


During the WINTER/Colder Months: We will be inside but please bring an extra layer of clothing in the event that you are cold.  Warm socks/slippers are recommended along with comfortable clothing….especially for those who like to sit on the floor; bring a pillow to sit on.

During the SUMMER/Warmer Months: We are outside around the stone Medicine Wheel in the back yard.  Many of us sit on the ground to be closer connected with Mother Earth (a blanket or pillow would be suggested but not necessary) but, please feel free to bring a lawn chair if you would be more comfortable, that is perfectly fine.  


All are welcome.  Everything that we do will be explained so you don’t have to be concerned that you won’t know what to do. 


This is an easy, comfortable gathering with one another and with Spirit.


UPCOMING 2019 Medicine Wheel Gathering dates and presenters:

  • Sunday, January 6: Eastern Spirit Path: CLARITY (Vicki)

  • Sunday, February 3: Eastern Spirit Path: WISDOM (Sandy)

  • Sunday, March 3 : Eastern Spirit Path: ILLUMINATION - CANCELED due to weather

  • Sunday,April 7: Eastern Spirit Path: ILLUMINATION (Ilene)

  • Sunday, May 5: Southern Spirit Path: GROWTH (Judy)

  • Sunday, June 2Southern Spirit Path: TRUST (Sandy)

  • Sunday, July 7: Southern Spirit Path: LOVE (Vicki)

  • Sunday, August 3: Western Spirit Path: EXPERIENCE

  • Sunday, September 1: Western Spirit Path: INTROSPECTION

  • Sunday, October 6: Western Spirit Path: STRENGTH

  • Sunday, November 3: Northern Spirit Path: CLEANSING

  • Sunday, December 1: Northern Spirit Path: RENEWAL

  • Sunday, January 5, 2020: Northern Spirit Path: PURITY