Medicine Wheel


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First Gift from Spirit Keeper of the South

Gather with us on August 5th for this teaching


Mineral totem - Fluorite

Meditate with Fluorite when seeking spiritual and emotional Growth. Flourite also relieves anxiety and resistance to change, to help you grow and to be wise in your decisions and life style.

Plant totem – Comfrey

A powerful healer, Comfrey is good for bones and muscles, sores, bruises, etc.  It is best used externally - the skin is an excellent absorber and transmitter of healing agents.  Comfrey penetrates and works on a deeper level, making way for the growth of healthy new tissue. 

Animal totem – Rabbit

Ask Rabbit to come be with you when you need to learn not to fear growing beyond your present boundaries. Rabbit will also help you with productivity, listening, cunning, speed, and innocence. 

Color - Violet

If you are in need of assistance in Growing or are working on obtaining this gift, use this color on you and around you. Color vibrations are very important, and often overlooked, in our life.