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Medicine Wheel Teachings

89 Hartford Drive, Medina, Ohio * 330-242-3811 *

Pastor: Carol Vaccariello


On SUNDAY, June 2nd, 1pm

(at the First Christian Church pavilion

4797 Sharon Copley Road, Medina)

We'll learn from the Southern Spirit Path

With the Stone for GROWTH

Vicki will co-lead this session of teachings.

TRUST is the Second Stone in the

Southern Spirit Path - guided by

Spirit Keeper of the South, Shawnodese

While we study other stones in the Wheel

Remember the place where we currently live

We are now in the time of Cornplanting.


(May 21 - June 20)

The Corn Planting Moon

Third Moon of Wabun

 Spirit Keeper of the East.

Mineral  totem - MOSS AGATE

Plant totem – YARROW

Animal totem – DEER

Color - GREEN and WHITE

Elemental Clan Influence - BUTTERFLY CLAN (air)


This position teaches about beauty in yourself, in others, and in your environment and teaches about your own healing abilities. This position will point out any cutting edges in your personality, the necessity of balancing time and energy, and your ability to create.  The Moss Agate teaches people in this position to clearly see their link with the mineral and plant kingdoms. The Yarrow teaches about both cleansing and strengthening. The Deer demonstrates the beauty of grace and quick movement. People experiencing the Deer position need to learn to be more consistent, less suspicious, and more willing to show some of their own deep feelings.

--Sun Bear and Wabun Wind, Dancing With the Wheel

Salmon willingly give themselves up as food for humans in many Northwest Native American myths, and therefore these fish hold a special position of honor and respect.

"Borage is connected with Trust because of its ability to open up your heart . . ." "Using Borage encourages you to Trust the healing process and the natural order of life." --From Dancing With The Wheel by Sun Bear and Wabun Wind:

Trust in the Lepidolite crystal healing properties to help bring a sense of awareness, giving you the guidance to think before taking action.

Using the color Lavender helps us develop a sense of security, faith, honesty, innocence, compassion, and is healing for our inner child.

An ancient form of ceremonial circle
An outward expression of our internal dialogue with the Creator (God)
Travel with us on this sacred path of teaching, meditation, prayer, healing, and celebration!
Join us around the Medicine Wheel on
The first Sunday of each month at 3pm


The Wheel at HeartSpace Community is not associated with any one Indiginous tribe but is based on the visions of the late Sun Bear, Medicine Chief of the Bear Tribe.
   "I feel that I can only follow the rainbow path and the red road of life, and accept all people as human beings wherever they maybe, or whatever color of skin they may wear.  I pray that others may come to the path of unity that will allow us to overcome the enemy of separation that is now trying to destroy all of the earth.  
I have spoken.  --Sun Bear"
At the monthly Medicine Wheel Gatherings you will learn about this transformational circle of life, its history and its place in your life.  Come experience all the Creator has to teach us in nature around the Medicine Wheel.

<---Click link(s) to view or purchase this book which we reference throughout our Medicine Wheel Gatherings: 

Dancing With the Wheel